Due to rapid climate changes and an increasing number of natural and political disasters many young citizens feel ill-prepared for what is predicted as major crisis situations in the near future. In this project we will apply a co-creative futures studies approach to explore the question how the human race will get through an escalating situation of climate related instability. The focus is on the acute problem of power outage that has a severe impact on people's connectivity and knowledge sharing strategies. We want to understand how innovative resilient strategies developed in different social communities work and under which conditions they can be upscaled to build a more globally oriented survival strategy to support disaster preparedness. The project investigates how futures studies can be embedded in co-creative research from a transnational, transdisciplinary perspective in order to transcend the local level and embrace the global in community based research. We would like to use a combined approach of causal layered analysis and living lab methodology conducted in 5 countries on 5 different continents. We plan to merge and exchange this information via a global virtual school of make-belief.

This is the Magnificent Academic Team that is currently applying for building a global school of make belief to study the problem of power outage related to natural and perhaps also political disasters on a global scale. 

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