Dorpsplein 13 currently hosts Bar Deco and Art-Deco. The collective works on the basis of communicating vessels that keep each other in balance. Bar Deco can provide a culinary service during workshops, events, markets on location, to students, citizens and residents who make use of the space offered by Art-Deco. During workshops for children, we offer parents an opportunity for a friendly chat, some co-working time, to make purchases in the store or visit residential studios in our free space. Artisan and artistic products created within the Art-Deco context can be used and sold in Bar Deco.

You can already visit Bar Deco since mid-June 2020. With Art Deco we are currently investing energy in the social innovation projects of the city of Leuven. Did you know our Leuven neighbors were selected for the mission '100 climate neutral and smart cities by 2030' and were recently awarded the European Innovation City label? We learn, we experiment, we evaluate and hopefully Dorpsplein13 will be able to bring some of that magnificent knowledge base back to Herent.

Are you interested in developing activities in collaboration with Dorpsplein 13, come and have a cup of coffee or tea in Bar Deco for an exploratory chat. 

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