Art-Deco offers an attractively located workspace at the crossroads of social encounter, creative, sustainable entrepreneurship and cultural-artistic experimentation. It actively contributes to strengthening the social, cultural and economic synergy within the village. Geert Decoster started the renovation project for the shed at number 13 in June and is steadily building us a space for lateral thinkers and makers in the heart of Veltem-Beisem.

Art-Deco is a residential space for creative, artistic talent at the crossroads of crafty entrepreneurship and opinionated forms of art and events. It opens its doors for neighbours and local citizens to think, act and unite. Whether it's celebrating together, creating together, listening together or JUST BEING TOGETHER. Art Deco will listen to your story and build community with you.
With Art-Deco we aim to create new social connections within the community of Veltem-Beisem and a stronger empathy between residents and new actors that will populate the center of the village as a result of the new school being build on the corner of Dorpsplein 13.

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