TARMAK social circus for children in challenging life circumstances

TARMAK is a circus camp and/or series of lessons for children and young people (aged 8 to 14) with a challenging home situation. The intention is to increase their resilience and introduce positive experiences within a group of peers, in a safe environment. From within this safety net, TARMAK intends to strengthen these youngsters competencies to respond to such challenges and develop a new perspective on the future. Rather than starting from an investigative or therapeutical context, TARMAK is the sort environment where you can just arrive to have fun through circus. Dorpsplein13 supports TARMAK through the analysis of visual data generated during the circus camp and situating these data within the Hope Theory developed by Chan Hellman. In other words; we bring the scientifically evidence to evaluate the impact of the program, not by means of predefined outcomes but from within the relationship between trainers from Circo d'ell Fuego, the youngsters and the space they collectively reside in.

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