THE WIRE (let's reconnect to our place)

Sometimes we collectively get lost in space. Especially when our own living environment is 'at stake'. A fast changing environment invites us to put ourselves back in the game. Creating some 'thing' together that connects us to each other and to our space could be helpful here. Do you want to plug your memory and your future aspirations into the joint living environment Veltem-Beisem? THE WIRE could be just right for you. This project is meant to engage you into creating an urban artistic embodied ecology of our village. We want to leave a collective visual mark on the center of Veltem-Beisem that connects us visually with past and future generations of inhabitants.  

We are currently seeking for funding to realize THE WIRE in collaboration with Mount Murals. They have all the expertise we need. Are you able to sponsor us, or do you have the capacity and skills it takes to inspire us? Come and have a cup of coffee or tea in our little meeting space Bar Deco or sent us a mail at  Good things may happen by bringing the right minds together, in the right place at the right moment in time. With a little bit of luck, we can incorporate a geomapping trail into our plans. 

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