K.I.SS Kreative Innovative Social Science

K.I.SS stands for Kreative innovative Social Sciences, a place where art meets science. K.I.SS is a proud residential partner of Collectief 'Het Decor'. K.I.SS focusses on the coordination and organization of co-creative and participatory research projects.

K.I.SS has no less than the ambition to leave an imprint on society that will be remembered.  

K.I.SS was founded by Karin Hannes. She works from an inclusive, activism perspective 

K.I.SS adds a co-creative component to her scholarly work, in which the idea of equal intelligence between people is taken as a baseline measure. Art Deco offers her a space to further explore the potential of co-creative research for positive change.

K.I.SS proudly coaches people with creative ideas on how to make a positive difference in the life of others.

"The public sphere is my favorite playground. Consequently, my workspot is mobile. If I am not in my office, you will most likely find me in DORPSPLEIN 13. I hope we can have a coffee together any time soon."

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