Bar Deco

Bar deco responds to the need for a local culinary facility in the center of Veltem-Beisem. It is developing this initiative with attention for the principle of circular economy. It combines a food and coffee bar with a sustainable shopping concept where people can purchase local products in a zero-waste context. Bar Deco is run by the ever cheerful Nele Vicca.

Bar Deco is our small-scale pop-up dining / coffee bar and retail space.
Our current opening hours:
Ma               08.30-20.00
Di               08.30-20.00
Wed              08.30-20.00
Do               CLOSED
Fri              12.00-20.00
Sat              08.30-20.00
Sun              14.00-18.00
Bar Deco is a circular socio-economic project with an emphasis on the short chain, sustainability and the development of a collaboration with local residents. Creative talent from the region uses the bar as a local market for smaller quantities of their products. This reinforces the zero-waste concept of the store where the focus is on low-packaging delivery, short chain food consumption and delivery and accessibility. The foodbar uses products from the store.
Bar Deco also fulfills a hub function in the organization and / or facilitation of workshops, training courses and organic markets on location or in the spaces of Art-Deco, on its own initiative or on the initiative of citizens who submit ideas themselves.
The motto of the Bar Deco initiators:
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together (Kenyan saying)."

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